Long-Term Water Storage Options For Restaurant Owners

24 June 2020
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With global warming and pollution seriously impacting global drinking water supplies, some restaurant owners have decided that they need to protect their businesses from the shortage. Storing large volumes of potable water for years at a time isn't easily done with store-bought water bottles or even five-gallon jugs. Instead, many people are turning to long-term water storage containers. These containers come in many formats, so you can choose the option that best suits your budget and water needs. Read More 

How To Incorporate Barbecue Rubs Into Your Vegan Cafe’s Menu Offerings

5 February 2020
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Just because you own a vegan restaurant doesn't mean you have to cater only to plant-based eaters. There are many great ways to create interest in your cafe among vegans and carnivorous eaters alike. One effective thing you can do is incorporate a few different flavors of barbecue rubs into your menu offerings. Here some ideas to explore: Marinate Your Tofu Tofu is pretty much tasteless, but its spongy texture efficiently soaks up rubs and marinades before being cooked. Read More