Long-Term Water Storage Options For Restaurant Owners

24 June 2020
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With global warming and pollution seriously impacting global drinking water supplies, some restaurant owners have decided that they need to protect their businesses from the shortage. Storing large volumes of potable water for years at a time isn't easily done with store-bought water bottles or even five-gallon jugs. Instead, many people are turning to long-term water storage containers. These containers come in many formats, so you can choose the option that best suits your budget and water needs. This article lists a few of the long-term water storage containers on the market today.

Underground Storage Tanks

Installing underground water storage tanks is a top-tier water storage solution for business owners with large budgets and a reasonable amount of outdoor space. If you are concerned about keeping your water supplies hidden, protected, and easily accessible, this solution may be right for you. Underground water storage tanks can hold thousands of gallons of water for later use, so your restaurant can continue to operate without access to city-supplied water for months at a time. Since these tanks are buried, you won't have to sacrifice the outdoor space you might want to use for outdoor seating.

Outdoor Water Storage Tanks

If your business is on a large property, you likely have space for an outdoor water storage tank. These tanks are easily disguised as large sheds, so your patrons won't be distracted by them. They are cheaper to install than underground water storage containers, and they can be installed easily and quickly because your installer won't need to perform earthmoving tasks. If you want a large long-term water storage container quickly, an outdoor, aboveground water storage tank might be your best bet.

Stackable Storage Containers

Some restaurant owners have to make do with small spaces. If your business operates within a busy city or on a small property, you may need to store your water indoors. In this case, stackable long-term water storage containers are a good option. These containers are typically made of plastic and can be stacked high for easy storage. Do note that if you live in an earthquake-prone area, you will need to anchor the stacked containers to the walls of your building. With simple earthquake straps, your employees will still be able to easily access the long-term water storage containers in the event of a water shortage.

To learn more about water storage options, contact a long-term water storage container supplier in your area.