How To Incorporate Barbecue Rubs Into Your Vegan Cafe's Menu Offerings

5 February 2020
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Just because you own a vegan restaurant doesn't mean you have to cater only to plant-based eaters. There are many great ways to create interest in your cafe among vegans and carnivorous eaters alike. One effective thing you can do is incorporate a few different flavors of barbecue rubs into your menu offerings. Here some ideas to explore:

Marinate Your Tofu

Tofu is pretty much tasteless, but its spongy texture efficiently soaks up rubs and marinades before being cooked. Coating your tofu pieces with some barbecue rub will enhance its flavor and complement the other ingredients of the dish you are making. You aren't limited to barbecue dishes, either. You can use a sweet barbecue rub to marinade tofu for stir fries, salads, and kabobs. Use smoky barbecue sauce to marinate tofu for veggies burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. And use spicy rubs for dishes like buffalo tofu and tofu chili.

Spruce Up Your French Fries

French fries are tasty as is, but sprucing them up with some barbecue rub will help set you apart from the competition and draw in customers who are looking for something a little different. Before frying or baking your fries, just toss them in a little barbecue rub of your choice, and then serve them like you normally would. Barbecue-rubbed french fries make a great base for dishes like chili cheese fries. You can also add barbecue-rubbed fries to your vegan burger dishes to kick things up a notch.

Create Delectable Jackfruit Dishes

Jackfruit makes a great replacement for chicken and pork, which are both mainstays in traditional barbecue cooking. You can create pulled jackfruit sandwiches that are just as tasty as their pork counterparts, and shredded chicken dishes that are full of flavor with the help of some barbecue rub. Before cooking your jackfruit like you normally would, massage the barbecue rub into it and let it sit for at least an hour. Then cook it with your barbecue sauce or other spices before serving. Your customers will thank you!

Season Your Rice and Pasta Meals

Adding a bit of barbecue rub to your rice and pasta dishes is another way to mix things up and introduce new options to your customers as time goes on. Use barbecue rub to season creole and Cajun rice dishes. Or simply season your marinara with some rub to give it a barbecue kick. Your customers won't expect the extra flavor, but they're sure to appreciate every bite they take.