What Are Some Corporate Gift Ideas?

2 February 2016
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Corporate gift giving provides you a way to reward your employees and important clients. From giving your biggest clients expensive and customized gifts to appreciate their longstanding business, to rewarding employees when meeting big goals, the following gift ideas can be helpful.

Gourmet Snacks

This is a great option for many types of corporate gifts, whether it is for an employee, vendor, or client. Gourmet snacks come in gift baskets or gift sets, or you can get a single type of snack. For example, you may want to give an employee a gourmet snack since they beat the quarterly sales goal. Cheese popcorn is a great option since it is something many people like and is easy to find online. Gift baskets give you more variety and follow themes, such as choosing a wine and cheese basket, or a basket with snacks like crackers, popcorn, cheese, and meats. If the corporate gift is for a larger group of people, such as a business, consider something with more variety.

Customized Desk Accessories

When you want to spend a little more on the corporate gift, you can give them something customized. For business gifts, desk accessories are among the best ones to give since they are useful and easy to customize. You can give an employee their own engraved nameplate as a way to celebrate their promotion and new office. For customers or clients, consider desk accessories like custom paper weights or pens with their names printed on them. Even something as simple as a candy dish for their desk can be engraved and makes an excellent gift of appreciation.

Monthly Membership Clubs

Monthly membership clubs are great because they are useful and there are many different varieties to choose from. Consider the individual or business's needs and preferences when choosing an appropriate membership club. For example, if you work closely with a vendor who you know enjoys alcoholic beverages, you can sign them up for a year-long wine or craft beer membership club. Other membership clubs include food items like types of cheese or exotic fruits each month, along with monthly boxes that include different types of gifts following a single theme.

When you are deciding on a good corporate gift, try to learn more about the individual who will receive it. If you don't know your client personally, ask their assistant what types of food they would like in a gift basket. For employees, take a look at the items on their desk for hints as to what they might like.